Polish Reviews

Essie: Penny Talk - So many great things to say about Essie’s ‘Penny Talk’.  It was completely unexpected and something that I didn’t even know I needed in my collection.  Every time I’m in Ulta getting a re-up on my hair-care products I
Essie: Sweet Soufflé - We all need a summer white.  White manicures are kind of a go-to.  It looks good on everyone and always just makes your
Essie: S’il Vous Play - Essie’s ‘S’il Vous Play’ from their Summer 2017 Collection is so cute and so fun.  The perfect amount of sparkle for your hands this summer.  A metallic pink with purple undertones.  It’s not an
OPI: Towel Me About It - OMG, finally!  For the longest I’ve been looking for the perfect yellow.  Something that wasn’t really taxi cab yellow bright and something that wasn’t dull.  Due to my
OPI: Breakfast at Tiffany’s - OPI’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection is beyond adorable.  Granted I’ve only seen the movie in random bits and pieces (sue me), but
OPI: Rich Girls and Po-Boys - ‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’ is a color from OPI’s New Orleans collection.  I debated on it for a while because I always get if-y on how darker shades of blue look on me.  I normally tend to stick to softer shades of blue.  But
OPI: Let Me Bayou A Drink - ‘Let Me Bayou a Drink’ is from OPI’s New Orleans Collection.  Most of their New Orleans collection is perfection.  I own
OPI: Funny Bunny - Funny Bunny – an OPI cult classic.  It’s pretty self explanatory why once you glide it across your nails.  It’s a milky oasis on your finger tips.  Basically if you’re looking for a