Zoya: Lola

When taking a family outing to the Museum of Ice Cream I felt the need to make sure my manicure got me in the right mind-set.  From all the pictures and boomerangs I was seeing on Instagram the museum is obviously a hands on experience.  So of course that meant my hands had to stand out in what ever pictures I took, and I needed a bright color to help facilitate that.


Lola Sprinkles

I came across Zoya’s ‘Lola’ when I was in Ulta, per usual, getting a re-up on hair products.  I should never walk through the nail polish section but I always do.  Gazing over the vast selection of brands and colors ‘Lola’ caught my eye instantly.  It’s such a good pink!  Not too fuchsia and not too bubble gum.  The best part about Lola is the purple shimmer that appears when the light hits your nails just right.

Lola Ice Cream Cone

Lola is a sheer polish, but it goes on pretty opaque with one coat.  Definitely use two coats if you want 100% coverage.  You could do a white coat underneath if you REALLY want Lola to pop, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  The color is too good on it’s own.  Lola is such a fun, vibrant color.  It’s perfect to wear for any occasion that requires fun, laughter, and dope pictures.

MOIC Colors

However, I couldn’t just paint two coats of Lola for the Museum of Ice Cream and be done.  I had to add some extra flare.  I chose two fingers on each hand and did the design from my Blue Steel post.  I also decided to use OPI’s ‘You’re Such A Budapest’ to compliment the purple shimmer undertones.

Lola x Budapest

Lola Gummy Bears

A cute manicure and a fun atmosphere make for a great time.




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