Bohemian Glass Nail Files

First post of 2021 and it’s a good one! Going through a pandemic our priorities shift, our focus continues to be directed to a multitude of things, and our routines are all out of whack. If you’re someone that had a weekly date with your manicurist I’m sure that schedule has been quite irregular over the past year. Or if you’re someone who is on the DIY side of home manicures you may not have had the consistent energy or motivation to give yourself a manicure. However, regardless of where you fall, proper

nail care is so important to maintain. I’ve mentioned the importance of glass nail files before, but I’m back to discuss their importance again and to share with you all a topnotch nail file that you should definitely go out and purchase!

I was fortunate enough to receive these beautiful glass nail files from Bohemian Glass Nail File. The brand provides hand painted glass nail files with real Swarovski Crystals. They’re offered in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes and even come with a protective case to store the nail file in when you’re finished with its use. The best part about these nail files is their long lasting shelf life. They’re hygienic and easy to clean with just soap and water – we love product sustainability! Cleaning glass nail files is important, not only to help them last, but to prevent any type of breakage and/or bacteria.

When I first used my Bohemian Glass Nail File I noticed how much better it worked than the glass nail file I currently own. It files smoothly and precisely. I was able to shape my nails with ease compared to the one I have where I often have to go back and file certain areas with another nail file to get the shape I want. The Bohemian Glass Nail File is made with exceptional quality, and the best part is they have a travel size option and a pedicure size for your feet! I’ve never seen a glass nail file for feet so I was extremely excited to see those additional options. I keep the travel size in my purse, which is perfect for any unexpected nail breakages or chips while I’m on the go.

Glass nail files gently buff your nails and seal in keratin layers.  As a result of this, you instantly minimize peeling, chipping and cracking of your nails.  When I tell you Bohemian Glass Nail files are a high quality product, I mean it. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my nails since using them. My nails have less breakage and have gotten stronger so they’re growing better. This all contributes to having longer lasting manicures.

Now, head over to Bohemian Glass Nail File’s website (linked above) and choose the color, size, or design that fits your fancy. I promise you won’t regret the purchase! They even have glass nail files you can purchase as sets. Can’t get any better than that.



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