OPI: This Changes Everything!

It’s been a while since I did a polish review.  I’ve been extremely busy with moving into my new apartment and traveling for work per usual.  However, it’s time to get back into giving you guys my thoughts on these colors (old and new) that are gracing my fingertips.  OPI launched a collection that’s easily something we’ll all love, because in all honesty who doesn’t love glittery things?  Who also doesn’t love a cheaper way to double your nail polish collection?

Metamorphosis by OPI is their limited edition collection meant to transform any nail color into an iridescent magical escape on your hands.  The six colors contain polychromatic glitter particles that bring the sparkle.  Inspired by the iridescent fashion on the Paris runways for Fall, this limited edition collection could not have come at a better time.  I’ll write a post about all six shades, but for right now I’m going to start with the first color I picked up.

via Instagram @opi

I knew about this new collection via OPI’s Instagram and told myself I can never have enough glitter nail polish.  A girl needs options, right?  Luckily when I was in Ulta they had a few bottles out.  The one that caught my eye the most to try first was ‘This Changes Everything!’.  I liked the gold and how it was speaking to me.


On Instagram OPI suggested their ‘Alpine Snow’ be the base when using ‘This Changes Everything!’.  I don’t own ‘Alpine Snow’ but I own Essie’s ‘Blanc’ and went with that.  One coat of ‘Blanc’ and two coats of ‘This Changes Everything!’ I was all set.  It’s so pretty!  It instantly made me want all the colors in the collection.  Lucky for me OPI does their mini sample bottles (4 in a pack) at Ulta, so I picked one up the next time I was there.  Definitely saved me some money (lol)!

IMG_7584  IMG_7585

‘This Changes Everything!’ is the perfect gold.  Little glitter flakes mixed in with bigger flakes of varying sizes add the perfect amount of sparkle and dimension to your nails.  I’m curious how much more gold the shade can come off if used with a yellow base or even a gold base.  It’s definitely a gold that can be used year around, no matter the season, and fits perfectly with any occasion.  It’s a total game changer, hence the name.  Now hurry over to your nearest Ulta store or Ulta.com to grab a bottle or two before the collection is no more!



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