Essie: Tuck It In My Tux

Essie’s ‘Tuck It In My Tux’ is a great go-to neutral.  I don’t know if it’s an Essie cult classic, but it definitely should be.  It’s almost like OPI’s ‘Funny Bunny’ but less white and more ivory.

Anytime I have to travel for my job for meetings I try to keep it as professional as possible.  I never want my nails to distract from the conversation since I tend to talk with my hands (lol).  Keeping that in mind I typically stick to earth tones, soft pinks, or solid darker colors.  So for this business trip I chose to go the nude route, but I also needed a little sparkle!  I can’t have a complete plain manicure all the time (P.S. I travel for my job A LOT).


‘Tuck It In My Tux’ is very creamy, but very sheer.  Two coats will give a slight opaque finish, but you’ll still be able to see a little of your nail underneath.



Once I did the desired two coats I added a sliver of Essie’s ‘Golden Nuggets’.  I felt the thinner the line of glitter the more professional yet chic the manicure becomes.  One thing to keep in mind about ‘Golden Nuggets’ is how runny it is!  It’s hard to get a good thick layer of glitter with just the brush, so you’ll definitely need to apply this with a makeup wedge.




In conclusion this duo is a go to when trying to keep things chic and professional.  If you don’t have “Tuck It In My Tux’ in your nail polish collection you definitely need to add it!  The color will never fail you.




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