I’m a Los Angeles, California native with a keen eye for a good manicure who loves the opportunity to put on a great outfit.  I created The Polish Report with the intention to solely focus on manicures because I get asked questions daily on who does my nails.  However, since I do my nails myself I figured why not give family, friends, and strangers access to my thought process on all things manicure related to help answer their questions.  As my ideas for this space developed I saw the opportunity to include my love for fashion and the importance of proper hair and skin care.  All these things factor into a polished appearance, hence The Polish Report.  When we look good we feel good, and I just want to help people be confident as the best version of themselves.  The goal is to always live life less filtered and more polished.  I hope those of you reading this enjoys what I’ve created and what is to come.