Lately I’ve been in this weird mood about color.  It happens every now and then.  One minute I’ll only wear shades of nude, I’ll snap out of it and back to various colors, and then I’ll go through another phase of only wanting to wear soft pinks.  This time around in wanting no color all I wanted to wear was  metallics.  Obviously metallics have a shade to them, but in my mind they’re so shiny that the color gets negated (if that makes sense lol).

For the past three weeks it was my thing.  I don’t know why I get in these moods, but they’re helpful because I’m able to pinpoint a lot quicker what I want to do with my nails for the week.

The first color I used when I started this kick was OPI’s ‘Take a Right on Bourbon‘.

Take A Right On Bourbon

‘Take a Right on Bourbon’ is from OPI’s New Orleans Spring/Summer 2016 collection.  When I first came across this color a couple years ago I was with my cousin as she was getting a mani/pedi.  I figured I would get a pedicure and chill instead of just waiting for her to be done.  I chose ‘Take a Right on Bourbon’ and once my pedicure was finished I knew I needed to have this color as part of my polish collection.

Metallics - Bourbon 1

The shade is a metallic pewter that alters in appearance depending on how the light hits it.  It goes on smooth but is slightly sheer.  Two coats are definitely needed.

Metallics - Bourbon 2

Next up was Essie’s ‘Penny Talk‘.  Penny Talk is just too good.  You can read my original review here.

Penny Talk 1

If you’re looking for some rose gold goodness this is the ONLY shade you should consider.  Unless you find something better, let me know!

Metallics - Penny Talk

Look how gorgeous Penny Talk is.  This shade is such an attention grabber and conversation starter.  You’ll get a lot of compliments with this shade.

Last but not least of my three week metallic kick was  OPI’s ‘Kyoto Pearl‘.  ‘Kyoto Pearl’ is cute but not an absolute favorite.

Metallics - Kyoto Pearl

It’s a metallic white.  Very shiny but also slightly sheer.  Two coats is definitely needed, maybe three if you want full coverage.  Two coats will get you about 95% coverage.  ‘Kyoto Pearl’ has a silver feel to it, but it’s still very much white.  I hope the pictures below give a good idea of what I’m trying to say (lol).

Metallics - Kyoto Pearl 2 Metallics - Kyoto Pearl 3

As you can see the photo to the left has more of a white shimmer, and the photo on the right has a more silver effect.  With this shade it’s like you’re getting two color finishes in one.

If you have any favorite metallics you’d like to share, drop them in the comments below!  I’m curious what other shades are out there that I need to try.




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