Essie: Penny Talk

So many great things to say about Essie’s ‘Penny Talk’.  It was completely unexpected and something that I didn’t even know I needed in my collection.  Every time I’m in Ulta getting a re-up on my hair-care products I casually browse the nail polish section, even though I shouldn’t (I gotta watch my spending habits on nail polish).  I stumbled upon this gem of a color.  It’s copper in a bottle.  A bunch of pennies melted together with a dash of gold iridescence.  Then you open the bottle and paint it on your nails and you’re taken to new heights.  When you actually wear the color it somehow turns into this rose gold magic.  I don’t know if it’s because of how the shade appears against my skin tone, but regardless it’s so damn pretty.  It’s very opaque so you can get away with one coat, but because it can be a little streaky you’ll want to do two coats.  However, make sure to add a little extra drying time in between coats because when painting the second coat it can get streaky to where you’re lifting up parts of the first coat and expose your nail underneath.  Other than that the color is absolutely beautiful, and everyone needs this color along with a glass of rosé to compliment the manicure.

Penny Talk 2



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