ORLY: Beautifully Bizarre

Today is the first day of Spring!  I’m so excited to say goodbye to this LA sweater weather and welcome those warm, sunny LA days.  So with the Spring season comes  new shades of Spring colors to try.  Now this color I’m about to get into is not a part of some Spring collection, to my knowledge, and I didn’t spot it on a social media post.  I literally found it all by its lonesome in the nail polish section of Ulta.  It was the ONLY ORLY bottle within the entire section so it was fate that I needed to have it.


‘Beautifully Bizarre’ caught my attention mainly because of how the light hit it.  It’s a soft, shimmery pink with blue/green sparkles hiding gently within.  It’s like a cotton candy, galactic situation that you NEED on your fingertips.  In my opinion this color will look good on literally any skin tone.  The shade is very milky and you get pretty full coverage from one coat, but if you’re an avid reader of The Polish Report you know I’m a fan of two coats to get full, opaque coverage.


This shade is already a compliment magnet, but I added a few star stickers just to give it a little something extra.  I’m really into ‘Beautifully Bizarre’ and will probably be wearing it a lot this Spring season.  I’ll definitely be looking for ways to mix it up.


Happy painting!




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