Essie: S’il Vous Play

Essie’s ‘S’il Vous Play’ from their Summer 2017 Collection is so cute and so fun.  The perfect amount of sparkle for your hands this summer.  A metallic pink with purple undertones.  It’s not an overwhelming glitter polish, and can be compared as the pink version of OPI’s Five-and-Ten if you own it.  It’s pretty opaque with one coat, but definitely go with two coats to get complete coverage.  S’il Vous Play ironically pairs really well with Essie’s French Affair (which is not a part of the Summer 2017 collection), so if you’re looking to add some more flare to your manicure definitely add in French Affair.  S’il Vous Play is the perfect pop of sparkle to add flirtatious festivity to any of your summer activities.


If you’re interested in more colors from Essie’s Summer 2017 Collection click here.




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