OPI: Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny – an OPI cult classic.  It’s pretty self explanatory why once you glide it across your nails.  It’s a milky oasis on your finger tips.  Basically if you’re looking for a white nail polish, but want to add some chicness to the situation, Funny Bunny is definitely the route to go.  One coat comes on sheer and slightly streaky, but you can fix that if you just play with your brush strokes a little without adding any additional polish to the brush.  I’m always a fan of two coats no matter what, and two coats definitely gets it done.  Two coats gives you just enough pigment, but still sheer enough to see your natural nail tips underneath.  I love Funny Bunny.  I totally understand why my aunt and my cousin can’t get enough of it. 


This color also pairs really well with OPI’s ‘The Glittering Night’ if you want to add a little something extra.  But note this glitter nail polish can be a pain in the ass to use sometimes in regards to how much glitter you want on the nail.  So to avoid adding multiple coats of The Glittering Night (multiple coats of nail polish in my opinion adds to quicker chipping and longer drying time), just use a wedged makeup sponge to help you apply the amount of glitter you desire.

Funny Bunny is so simple yet chic you can get away with wearing this color in any type of setting, from super casual to fancy as fuck.  And it looks good on EVERYONE!



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