Ciaté London: After Party

Soooooo let’s talk about this cotton candy mermaid fairy dust goodness that is from Ciaté London’s Gelology Collection.  Just looking at the bottle you can already tell ‘After Party’ is going to be good, but when you actually put the color on your nails it’s a total game changer.  It’s so pretty and majestic.  ‘After Party’ is an attention grabber and conversation starter for sure.  I’ve received many compliments this past week wearing it.  The purple has the perfect amount of shimmer with this eye catching blue iridescence.  No matter how the light hits it, it’s gorgeous and always reflective of the two colors.  You know how with some iridescent colors, one shade outshines the other more or only appears at a certain angle?  Not with ‘After Party’.  It’s just constant goodness being served. One coat gives a cute sheer situation, but two coats makes the shade pop more.

The pictures don’t do the color enough justice, so you’ll have to cop this for yourself to see or just catch me in person ; )

After Party 5

After Party 7

Now to up the sparkle factor, I took Essie’s ‘Golden Nuggets’ and added soft amounts of glitter in different patterns on each nail.  Across the top of the nail, down the side of the nail, angled half way down the nail, etc.  To achieve this simply apply the glitter nail polish on a makeup wedge.  It really helps in making sure the glitter gets applied the way you want it.  It gave the manicure an extra kick, but still allowed ‘After Party’ to be the star of the show.

Golden Nuggets


Now there is a Gelology top coat that you can purchase, but I just used my regular Essie ‘No Chips Ahead’ top coat and experienced my usual week of minimal to no chipping.

After Party 10


My next shade to try from this collection is “Part Time Mermaid’ and I can’t wait!



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