Essie: Mod Square

My all time favorite color is pink.  However, it’s hard for me to find a pink that I like.  Is that weird?  I don’t like when pinks are super cheesy or bubble gum-y.  I find it a little obnoxious.  Yea I know you might be thinking, “isn’t that what pink is supposed to be?”. Nope, not for me.  The perfect shade of pink is somewhere right in the middle, not too light and bright and not too dark to where it’s borderline red. To me ‘Mod Square’ is the perfect shade of pink on the darker side.  My other favorite shade of pink on the lighter side is Essie’s ‘Lovey Dovey’.  I consider both my Barbie pinks : )  ‘Mod Square’ is definitely a good go-to pink for summer.  It’s a very fun color that adds a little sass and flirtatiousness to your manicure. Amplify any wardrobe with this color for some added playfulness.  When you wear ‘Mod Square’ it’s almost like you become that girl in school that’s always on point with her look, even in sweats, and when she speaks you forget your name.  Yea, that girl.  I highly recommend Mod Square, especially if you want your fingers to do some talking. 




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