Essie: Sweet Soufflé

We all need a summer white.  White manicures are kind of a go-to.  It looks good on everyone and always just makes your hands look fucking amazing.  So it’s only right Essie hits us with this creamy white goodness as part of their Summer 2017 Collection.  Sweet Soufflé has some iridescence with a golden pink sheen.  It’s really pretty.  The perfect color for summer bike rides along the beach or picnics in the park.  If you’re a summer bride looking for more than just a white, Sweet Soufflé would be perfect!  You’ll definitely need two coats with this one to get full opaque coverage.  The color is as delicious as its name so indulge and enjoy!


If you’re interested in more colors from Essie’s Summer 2017 Collection click here.



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