OPI: Turn On the Northern Lights

OPI’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection was inspired by Iceland.  All the colors in this collection are gorgeous, but there was one that stuck out to me the most.  Now I’m not the biggest fan of dark-colored nail polishes.  I’ve always been into pastels or vibrant colors.  However, over the most recent years I’ve slowly been won over and have found a few shades that I like and feel really compliment me.  That’s how I felt when I was in Ulta (per usual) looking at the collection.  ‘Turn On the Northern Lights’ really caught my eye.  The color is obviously pretty, but there was something magical, whimsical, and mysterious about it…just like the Northern Lights.

Iceland Northern Lights

I’ve been trying to up my variation of shades of purple because I love me some Prince, and purple is my Dad’s favorite color.  I love seeing his reaction when he sees I have purple nails :-).  Anyway, when I saw this shade I knew I had to add it to my collection.


Now when you use ‘Turn On the Northern Lights’ it’s breathtaking.  Not as breathtaking as the real Northern Lights I’m sure, but OPI did an amazing job at capturing that essence.


There’s definitely a strong blue undertone that shows itself on the outer edges of your nail, but the more inward the color goes the purple tones get stronger and you get hints of the iridescence.  This shade is definitely opaque so you’ll get full coverage with 2 coats.  ‘Turn On the Northern Lights’ is a MUST BUY from this collection.  You get the solar phenomenon captured in a bottle that you can wear on your fingertips whenever you want that magical experience.




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