OPI: Rich Girls and Po-Boys

‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’ is a color from OPI’s New Orleans collection.  I debated on it for a while because I always get if-y on how darker shades of blue look on me.  I normally tend to stick to softer shades of blue.  But
I love ‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’.  The color is just as good as a po’boy (my puns are so lame but sometimes you can’t pass up the opportunity).  The shade is a pretty electric blue; it jumps out at you but not in an intense way.  It’s highly pigmented so one coat will do just fine, but I’m a fan of always doing two coats.  I’m still trying to figure out what colors compliment this type of blue because the shade is so visually stimulating, and it stands on its own so well, but sometimes you want to mix up the manicure.  The first time I wore ‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’ I did a simple dot design with another color from the New Orleans Collection: ‘I Manicure for Beads’.  It paired well, but it was a little dark to see from afar.  Cute up close though.  In the meantime I think negative space manicures are ideal for this type of rich color.  I’d definitely recommend ‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’ to anyone that’s looking to add some variation to their nail polish collection, and I think it would look good on any type of skin tone.  It grabs your attention, and makes for a really fun manicure.  ‘Rich Girls and Po-Boys’ is also a perfect shade for summer!  Bright, vibrant manicures can always be the key accessory to any summer wardrobe.




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