OPI: Let Me Bayou A Drink

‘Let Me Bayou a Drink’ is from OPI’s New Orleans Collection.  Most of their New Orleans collection is perfection.  I own almost half of the twelve shades.  This color is so dreamy.  It’s a nude pink with a slight pearl shimmer to it.  Very girly but very chic.  I know the name of the color mentions a bayou but whenever I look at the color it reminds me of the creaminess of eating a praline.  Let Me Bayou a Drink is sheer with just one coat, so make sure to do two if you’re looking for full nail coverage.  This is a great color for a wedding or bridal shower.  It perfectly embodies feminine sophistication with a pearl finish.  Highly recommend adding this color to your collection of pink nudes.  I’ll post a tutorial later in the week on where I got the idea from to do the below manicure.




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