Essie: Hi Maintenance

Having your nails done weekly is a pretty high maintenance thing to do to some, BUT it’s a necessity to a VAST majority.  Perfectly polished hands is a must, whether you pay someone to do it or do it yourself.  And every week you’re stuck with the task of deciding what color (let’s not forget the possibility of designs) should you have your nails painted this week?

For me I always pick a color based on the mood I’m in.  There are weeks that will go by and I want absolutely no color, just various nude options.  So this week was one of those moods, but I wanted a pink nude.  Not your typical pink-white nude.  A nude pink nude.

While out running errands I always take a glimpse of the nail polish section of the store I’m in if there is one.  While browsing my eyes were caught by ‘Hi Maintenance’.  I debated on it for about 5 minutes.  It’s absolutely the worst buying a color that doesn’t work out.  Luckily that 5 minutes of pondering led to success.

HM Bottle

Essie’s ‘Hi Maintenance’ is the PERFECT pink nude.  It’s the pink version of OPI’s ‘Funny Bunny’.  ‘Hi Maintenance’ is extremely sheer.  One coat and it looks like you didn’t paint anything on your nail except for a slight pinkish tint.  Two coats give a little more pink tint and a little more opaque-ness, but three coats gives the perfect look.  You still get that sheer effect you’re going for but with the right amount of opaque-ness.  Your nails are instantly chic and sophisticated with this shade.  You’ll also get a hint of bossy-ness.  Like yes I’m a polished individual but I’m also a boss.  Try me. 

HM Close Up

If you’re this type of girl then ‘Hi Maintenance’ is your power shade if you will.  ‘Hi Maintenance’ is such a great color to start your week with, especially if you need a personal reminder of how top-notch you are. 😉



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