Essie: Baguette Me Not

‘Baguette Me Not’ is from Essie’s Summer 2017 Collection.  It’s a shade of lilac with pink undertones.  ‘Baguette Me Not’ is feminine with an edge.  The color is also highly pigmented so you can get away with just one coat, but I’m a fan of two coats for good measure.  ‘Baguette Me Not’ also pairs well with ‘S’il Vous Play‘ from the Summer 2017 Collection.  So with the two shades I created a fun mani sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever you encounter this summer.  The best part about this manicure is it’s so easy and quick to do!

Before you get started, determine which fingers will have ‘Baguette Me Not’ and which fingers will have ‘S’il Vous Play’.  Don’t be basic and go with just the ring finger accent nail.  Switch it up, live a little, and make it different on each hand.



Once you’ve painted your designated fingers their respective colors, let them dry a little and get your dotting tools ready.  I chose three different sizes to add some variation.


On the nails you’ve painted ‘S’il Vous Play’ add dots of ‘Baguette Me Not’ in varying sizes.  Get creative and let the dots lead the way.  I kept it minimal, but just enough to catch some glances.  Feel free to add as much or as little dots as you like.



Let the dots dry for a little bit before putting on your top coat so they don’t streak.  Don’t forget to clean your edges with nail polish remover and you’re all set!




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