Essie: Stroke of Brilliance

We all need a glitter nail polish.  Without it, sometimes a manicure wouldn’t be a manicure.  Depending on how you apply the glitter, or the different colors and variation in size of specs, the glitter can add fun, sophistication, and/or lots of sass to your lacquered hands.  And because we all need this on our fingertips every once in a while, it’s important to have a collection of glitter nail polishes that give off a wow factor.  Causes a distraction.  A glitter that’s going to make women want to go to their next manicure appointment and tell their manicurist, “I want this”.  With Essie’s ‘Stroke of Brilliance’ you get just that.

Polished brilliance.


‘Stroke of Brilliance’ is this breathtaking deeper shade of periwinkle.  I find it moody and a little romantic.  In my opinion it’s a great glitter to use during the fall and winter months to make sure we keep our sparkle. ; )

I’m currently a little obsessed with ‘Stroke of Brilliance’ and have used it over the past two weeks.  I first paired it with Ciaté London’s ‘After Party’.  I just knew it would compliment the purple/blue iridescence perfectly.  My nails definitely gave me mermaid tail vibes.  My cousin got galactic vibes.  Either way, the vibe is pretty and eye catching.


I then paired ‘Stroke of Brilliance’ with Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’.  Of course it’s perfection.  Periwinkle polish with a deeper periwinkle glitter.  Brilliant!


‘Stroke of Brilliance’ needs to be in every woman’s nail polish collection.  It will keep you and your fingertips polished season through season.



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