Mila L. Banks: The Most Polished Woman I’ve Ever Known

In our lifetime we’re fortunate enough to be inspired and mentored by women that have set a standard on what it means to be a woman in every sense of the word.  These women are strong, fearless, determined, selfless, considerate, nurturing, generous.  The list goes on.  These women are women we’re lucky enough to call mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and teachers.  Sometimes even Continue reading “Mila L. Banks: The Most Polished Woman I’ve Ever Known”

Essie: Stroke of Brilliance

We all need a glitter nail polish.  Without it, sometimes a manicure wouldn’t be a manicure.  Depending on how you apply the glitter, or the different colors and variation in size of specs, the glitter can add fun, sophistication, and/or lots of sass to your lacquered hands.  And because we all need this on our fingertips every once in a while, it’s important to Continue reading “Essie: Stroke of Brilliance”