Essie: Fall 2018

The first day of Fall was Saturday, September 22nd.  I am NOT ready for fall.  If you’ve been following my blog you know that Fall and Winter are just not my thing.  I don’t like colder weather, dressing in layers – I just can’t, the time change, and definitely not a fan of pumpkin spice anything (lol).  Spring and Summer are my seasons and it’s so hard to say bye to them every year.  Luckily I live in Los Angeles so I don’t ever have to worry about it getting too cold, but still.  However, lucky for me I get blessed with new nail polish shades!  That’s definitely the one thing I can say I actually look forward to.  For Fall 2018 Essie has us “falling” for the city of New York.


I’ve never been to New York, New York but it’s a city a hope to visit within the near future.  From TV shows to movies to things my friends and family have told me, New York is a magical city.  With these new six shades, Essie has captured that magic.

It Takes A West Village – We all need a hint of pink when it comes to Fall.  This mauve purple with gray tones is the perfect color for taking on the West Village whether shopping in its designer boutiques or dining at a trendy restaurant with your beau.

It Takes A West Village

Stop, Drop, & Shop – What is Fall without a mulberry red?!

Stop, Drop, & Shop

Booties on Broadway – Navy blue.  Enough said.

Booties on Broadway

Fall for NYC – This mustard yellow with marigold highlights is SO good.  The IT shade for a Fall season in New York City.

Fall for NYC

Say It Ain’t SoHo – Metallic copper with amber tones as captivating as the art galleries in SoHo, Manhattan.

Say It Ain't SoHo

Empire Shade of Mind – An asphalt metallic silver as eye-catching as the Empire State Building in the New York sky line.

Empire Shade of Mind

Now head to your nearest Essie retailer to grab your must have shades from this collection!




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