Bohemian Glass Nail Files

First post of 2021 and it’s a good one! Going through a pandemic our priorities shift, our focus continues to be directed to a multitude of things, and our routines are all out of whack. If you’re someone that had a weekly date with your manicurist I’m sure that schedule has been quite irregular over the past year. Or if you’re someone who is on the DIY side of home manicures you may not have had the consistent energy or motivation to give yourself a manicure. However, regardless of where you fall, proper

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Top 5 Tips for Your 5 Tips

So here we are.  March 2020 and we’re all stuck at home…quarantined.  Who would have thought that when we all yelled “Happy New Year!” to 2020 that within a matter of weeks we’d be put in an unimaginable reality where we’re forced to stay home to save lives and flatten the curve due to COVID-19.  With everyone being forced to stay home and a lot of what’s deemed “unnecessary businesses” closed, a lot of us are forced to go without our hair appointments, eyelash/eyebrow appointments, and most importantly Continue reading “Top 5 Tips for Your 5 Tips”

Pantone Color of the Year: 2019

We’re 28 days into 2019 and I’m so behind on keeping The Polish Report updated!  I’ve been neglecting my poor baby, but not on purpose.  When you travel non-stop for your job finding the time and energy to commit is HARD!  I’m also in the middle of planning my 30th birthday so there’s that.  However, I’m hoping to change that in 2019 and bring you more content as well as some new content.  With that being said, Pantone’s Color of the Year, if you don’t already know, is  Continue reading “Pantone Color of the Year: 2019”