Essie: Seaglass Shimmers Collection 2018

So we’ve seen Essie’s Summer 2018 collection and keeping within the ocean theme, they hit us with this unexpected, but oh so cute, shimmers collection.  Shimmers you ask?  Yes, you read that right.  The collection is to  “bring to life the mystical underwater experience with a unique shimmer finish”.  Now outside of their glitter nail polishes, Essie doesn’t normally do too many shimmer finishes.  So an entire collection dedicated to shimmer is VERY exciting.  Let’s dive right in!

Essie Seaglass Shimmers

World is Your Oyster – “a lilac purple nail polish with periwinkle opalescence”

World Is Your Oyster 1                                                World Is Your Oyster 2

You, Me & the Sea – “a magenta pink nail polish with a sparkle of orchid purple”

You Me & the Sea 1                                               You Me & the Sea 2

Coral Coast – “a glittering coral peach”

Coral Coast 1                                                 Coral Coast 2

At Sea Level – “a light blue nail polish with a sea foam shimmer”

At Sea Level 1                                           At Sea Level 2

Don’t Be Salty – “a glistening sandy beige”

Don't Be Salty 1                                            Don't Be Salty 2

High Tides & Dives – “a bronzed nude nail polish with copper undertones”

High Tides & Dives 1                                          High Tides & Dives 2

Six new shades that are cute, flirty, and fun.  Head to your local Essie retailer to take your Summer manicures up a notch and channel your inner mermaid with these colors.





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