Now it’s Time to Say I Do

Wedding season is around the corner, and I have a few friends that are getting ready to walk down the aisle this year or in the near future.  I figured after I curated a little piece about finding the right engagement ring for your finger, we should talk about  finding the right nail polish color to wear for your wedding day.  Trying to stick to the theme yet not be matchy-matchy is the goal.  I’m a huge fan of let’s compliment things, but let’s not overdo it.

I’ve looked at what I consider the top seven wedding themes, and chose the best color palates that will allow you to compliment the theme of your wedding.

Let’s get started shall we!


Vintage weddings will be old-fashioned but representing a high quality of a past time period.  So since the style of your wedding will reflect a previous era, what is the essence of the era you’re trying to capture?  Keeping that in mind you can stick to colors that are fresh, clean, and crisp, but vintage does have a good range that you can dabble in.  Shades of blue, green, and yellow are a good place to start.  You can never go wrong with gold or gold flakes.  Soft turquoises and salmon pinks would be a nice surprise.  Rusty reds or oranges and shades of olive are unexpected but a daring statement for a wedding day.  Lastly, an eggshell blue or shades of peach make for a sweet compliment to your dress.

Vintage 1
Vintage 2
via @priscillaono


When your wedding theme is rustic you’re obviously going to be within a countryside/rural environment.  The vibe will be simple and homely, constructed and very particular.  I think rustic weddings have one of the easiest color palates to choose from because of it being such a concentrated theme.  The best thing about a rustic theme wedding is being able to use metallic colors in the shades of bronze, rust, and copper.  Right off the dome two of your best bets are Essie’s ‘Penny Talk’ and OPI’s ‘Take a Right on Bourbon’. Super fun!  If you don’t want to go a metallic route there’s the option of wine colors, blush or dusty pinks, creams, and butter yellows.  If you’re interested in the orange realm stick to apricot and honey.

Rustic 1
Take a Right on Bourbon via

Rustic 2
via Pinterest


I’ve never been to a beach wedding, but I can imagine it being one of two variables.  Either absolutely amazing, or really annoying.  Between the possible wind and the definite sand, how enjoyable will it be?  But nevertheless there are some gorgeous options to choose from when deciding your wedding day manicure for saying “I do” at the beach.  Automatically silver/chrome will be extremely pretty and elegant in this setting.  It will compliment the way the sunlight hits the ocean waves.  Creams, beige, and ivories will work well because of well, seashells, and corals will be a nice pop of color.  I’d stay away from teals and greens.  Blues are completely acceptable in soft shades or deeper blues, nothing in between.

Beach 1
Beach 2
via @lvndrgram


A contemporary wedding is a wedding reflective of the current times.  This wedding theme allows you to really stray away from the normal wedding day manicure and experiment with bold colors.  Gold and silver chrome will be an automatic go to, but also think outside the box with colors like royal blue, marigold, maroon, magenta.  Or do something really different like pewter or gun-metal.  Periwinkle is a favorite, and you can never go wrong with a simple but bold red!  Just remember if you’re going to choose a bold color, keep the manicure simple.

Contemporary 1
via @nicolerichie
Contemporary 2
Magazine editorial


A romantic themed wedding will be characterized with the expression of love.  Soft peaches and pinks will be pretty.  A combination of lavender and sage would work perfect if you’re looking for a soft, romantic touch.  Any type of jewel tones will work for a bold, romantic feel.  With these types of shades they will evoke romance.

Romantic 1
Romantic 2
OPI’s ‘In the Cable Carpool Lane’


So I’m not trying to knock anybody that wants a holiday wedding but I don’t know how to feel about them.  But whatever, to each her own right? (lol)  When you have a holiday wedding you can pretty much get away with glitter everything, am I wrong?  Of course don’t forget the golds, silvers, pastels, and reds.  You have free range, but don’t be super matchy.  Get creative!

Holiday 1
via @julieknailsnyc
Holiday 2
via @aliciatnails


Seasonal weddings will be as easy as they come when trying to pick a color for your manicure.  Spring = pastels, Summer = vibrant/radiant, Fall = moody shades, and winter = romantic and icy.  See how easy that is?

Seasonal 1
via @paintboxnails
Seasonal 2
via @nailstreetz

Whatever the theme for your wedding, I hope this guide helps you pick the right color for your special day!




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