Essie: Retrograde Collection

So it’s been a while! Almost two months to be exact (SMH) and I feel kind of crappy about not having time to commit to this blog.  My second year of The Polish Report was supposed to bring more new and exciting content, but in my defense life started to happen and I needed to answer!  Traveling for my job picked up and I got my first apartment in the process.  Trying to move and travel for work is no joke.  Speaking of when life happens, we all know of  a little something called Mercury Retrograde, right?  Well if not, let me give you a brief summary.  Mercury Retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to move backwards for three weeks, and when a planet is in retrograde the energies it houses are reversed.  This is why things seem to get a little chaotic.


For this retrograde, Mercury is in Leo.  What this means is your communication will become more bold and outspoken.  This retrograde seems like the perfect opportunity to be more vulnerable and expressive with your emotions no matter if those emotions are feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, excitement etc. With that being said, Essie created two limited edition shades to help get us through these next three weeks (July 26th – August 19th).

These two shades are beautiful hues of holographic blues and purples.  The pictures are beautiful but don’t do them justice.


Keep Calm is the lighter shade of the two.  I’d say a sky blue with lavender iridescent undertones.  This color definitely channels calming effects and would best be worn if you’re really going through it.  A pretty manicure definitely always makes me feel better!

Mercury On is the darker, moodier shade.  It’s more purple with flecks of blue.  Definitely my favorite of the two.  Wear Mercury On when you’re in that bold head space and in the mood to be extremely expressive.  There’s nothing like having a bold attitude and a bold manicure to match!

Now because these shades are limited edition, you may experience the effects of retrograde by having trouble getting your hands on them (lol).  There was already a launch on the 18th (of course I missed it with my head in the clouds about work), but the shades will be available in-store at Ulta in August and an online restock is happening soon (no date mentioned).  So peep Essie’s Twitter and IG accounts over the next few days to see when the next release will be.


If you can’t manage to get your hands on them, two alternatives that can help get you the same effects are Ciaté London’s ‘After Party’ for ‘Keep Calm’ and OPI’s ‘Turn On the Northern Lights’ for ‘Mercury On’.

Best of luck during this next cycle of retrograde, but remember this time can always be used to reflect on how you handle things and maybe break old habits!  For me retrograde is a period of time to really maximize on personal growth.



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