The Benefits of A Glass/Crystal Nail File

Ladies, it’s time to throw away ALL of you nail strengtheners.  Well maybe not throw them away, but lessen your dependence on them.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve switched over to a glass nail file and I’ve seen a vast difference in the use of a glass nail file than I have with my use of using nail strengtheners.   For the most part my nails are pretty healthy.  On my right hand the nails on my index finger and middle finger are always breaking, peeling, or chipping.  No matter how many brands of nail strengtheners I’ve used to solve the problem, those two nails were always giving me an issue.  However, since I introduced a glass nail file into my life I no longer have issues with those two nails, and they are growing beautifully.  So let’s get into the benefits of glass nail files and how they’re the ultimate game changer for healthier, stronger nails.

Glass File 3

Glass/Crystal nail files are super-treated, thermal-tempered, chemically-etched pieces of glass.  When in use, they gently buff your nails and seal in keratin layers.  As a result of this, you instantly minimize peeling, chipping and cracking of your nails.  When you minimize chipping and cracking of your nails, you get a longer lasting manicure as well.  These files can also be cleaned simply with soap and water, and should be stored in the original sleeve they come in.  Remember, it is a glass/crystal file.  You want to make sure it’s stored and cleaned properly to prevent any type of breakage, bacteria, and to keep a long shelf life.

I’m not sure why glass/crystal nail files still have yet to catch on, but they’re seriously a game changer.  If you’re reading this you should invest in one IMMEDIATELY!  I’m wondering myself why it’s taken me so long to discover them.  These nail files are also inexpensive and can be found ANYWHERE.  Between Sephora, Ulta, Sally Beauty, etc. it won’t be impossible to get your hands on one.  I bought mine at a Bed Bath & Beyond (if you live in Los Angeles it’s the Bed Bath & Beyond on Sepulveda).  Pretty sure I paid $4 for it but I’ve seen them vary in price from $3.99 – $10.00.  Pretty good, right?!

Glass File 2

So once you finish reading this just go to Google, type in glass or crystal nail file, and choose which ever brand tickles your fancy.  Trust me, this is such a good investment and really benefits your nails.  My nail file has fixed all the problems those nail strengtheners claimed to fix but didn’t.





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