NYE 2020 Nail Inspiration

Somehow here we are, celebrating another New Year’s Eve.  The year 2019 went by super quick.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate…doesn’t it feel like NYE 2019 was just yesterday?  I can still vividly remember what I did and who I was with.  The night of my NYE 2019 actually ended on a great note.  A fond memory that I will always cherish.  This year I have no idea what my plans are, or what they’ll become, but I just want to be in a chill environment and happy with the company present.

Typical NYE manis often call for glitter, rhinestones, a lot of sparkle and pizazz.  For this new decade, let’s mix things up shall we!  Let’s get out of the ordinary and into something new and unexpected.


Start the new year with an affirmation on your nail.  Every year the question of “what’s your new year’s resolution” is presented.  I don’t believe in them as I try to work on myself every single day and don’t feel the need to start at the top of the year.  Improvement can happen at any time.  So start the new year off with an affirmation to yourself.  Something simple as the word ‘love’ can be an affirmation that you’ll love yourself more or love others around you more.  Other words such as faith, trust, hope can be good places to start too.


Metallic Foil

Foil on your nails is always a good go-to.  I actually like it better than glitter these days as it’s a lot easier to get off your nails.  As I was saying earlier, ditch the glitter.  Foil offers the same sparkly effect, and I feel like you can do way more with it in terms of design.

Instagram via @tipsnailbar

Minimal Glitter

If you can’t say no to your usual glitter, then I would say minimalize it.  Just try it out!  The mani I came across below gives off just enough sparkle while still keeping things clean, sophisticated, and festive.


Various Styles in One

I love a creative manicure that involves more than one texture and style.  It makes for a great conversation starter and gives so much dynamic to your nails.  To me the below manicure is a perfect depiction of just that and has so much elegance to it.  Matte, negative space, and metallic all in one.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Instagram via @fongminliao


Here’s something you probably weren’t even expecting and wasn’t on your radar: PEARLS.  I love pearls.  They’re so classy and elegant.  We never think to put them on our nails, but we definitely should do this more often moving forward.  No one does a pearl mani better than professional Nail Artist Betina Goldstein (more pearl designs from her at a later time).  A pearl manicure is such a chic way to bring in the new year.

Instagram via @betina_goldstein

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful NYE.  May 2020 bring you everything your heart desires and more!



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