Reverse French Tip

So if you’ve been reading this blog you know how I feel about a French Tip manicure.  I’m not really a fan.  To refresh your memory, or get up to speed, you can read why I’m not a fan here.  However, I will make an exception for  a reverse French tip manicure.  It’s very cute, subtle yet makes enough of a statement (my fav type), and extremely easy to do!  There’s definitely one of two ways you can go about doing a reverse French tip mani.

Since I wanted my reverse tip to be sparkly I chose a go-to combination of mine: Essie’s ‘S’il Vous Play‘ and ‘French Affair’.  I started with two full coats of ‘S’il Vous Play’ and let that dry for a few minutes. I then took ‘French Affair’ and started my brush stroke far enough from my cuticle to where ‘S’il Vous Play’ is able to showcase itself.  With there being two coats of ‘S’il Vous Play’ your base is already opaque enough that you only need one coat of ‘French Affair’.



I let that dry for a few minutes and then took a small detailed brush to clean up anything that needed to be smoothed out.  Your second option of course would be to use ‘French Affair’ first (two coats) and then use a small detailed brush to create the reverse French tip.  However, because ‘S’il Vous Play’ is sheer with one coat I figured it would take more than one coat to achieve the look I wanted and could be a little more tricky to clean up and get the desired look.  I feel the first option is a smoother process when using a sheer shade, but the second option can be just as good when using two shades that are both opaque enough.

IMG_5422 2

I’ve been obsessed with the end result.  Take a look at a few more other options I found via Google for a reverse French Tip.  Needless to say, if you’re going the reverse French tip route, you’ll want a metallic or glitter nail polish.

Very subtle reverse tip, but just enough shimmer to compliment that beautiful engagement ring and not overshadow it.
Glitter is always the right choice.  No matter what.
Metallic and matte black is a great, edgy contrast.
Making black the reverse tip to compliment your shimmer nail polish is definitely a chic winner.

I hope these little suggestions will offer you some inspiration into what next week’s mani should be.  Happy painting!



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