NYE 2018 Nail Inspiration

2018 is 48 hours away.  New year, new opportunities, and new ambitions.  With a NYE celebration comes physical maintenance.  From your hair, to your makeup, and your outfit, a manicure is needed to pull the entire look together, right?!  Don’t be that girl with a lackluster manicure on NYE…unless you’re just chilling at home in your sweats.  A NYE at home every now and then is totally acceptable.  You’re comfortable, safe in your home, and relaxed.  Relaxed is a great way to bring in the new year.  But, if you’re heading out, I’m here to give some inspiration on what to do with your nails if you have no clue which direction to go.

NYE is often a big to-do to a majority.  I’ve seen women get overwhelmed or stressed about what to wear, how to do their makeup, where they’re going, what to do with their hair, etc.  But NYE doesn’t have to be complicated and can be stress free.  You’ll look and feel your best when you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and keep true to who you are.  In my opinion, every aspect of you will flourish when there’s a simplicity to your look.  Less is always more.  So with your manicure keep it simple but with a dash of flare.  A NYE mani should really involve one main ingredient: GLITTER!

With glitter you can add in different textures and designs, and get really creative.  I searched Google for the best manicures I felt were simple, but really made an impact.  You want your manicure to compliment your entire look, not distract from anything else you have going on.  Feel free to take these ideas to the nail salon between today and tomorrow, or do them yourself!

Glitter + A Matte Finish

I love this manicure because it’s so chic.  A triangle strip of glitter with a matte black finish.  The shape and texture is classy but gives an edge that shows you’re ready to get down at moments notice.


Ombre Glitter

You can NEVER go wrong with an ombre glitter manicure.  In this instance it’s representative of champagne bubbles floating to the top of a champagne flute.  Completely fitting when bringing in the new year.


Gold Chrome

It’s a gold. Chrome. Manicure.  Simple, clean, and very fierce.  What more could you ask for?


Glitter + Different Finishes

Matte, glitter, and glossy.  3s company and makes for fun fingertips when you have a simple taste of everything a manicure has to offer.

NYE 4.png

Disco Ball Specs

Get really creative by increasing the size of the glitter you use and create a pattern.  Your manicure instantly becomes fun, festive, and attention grabbing without overdoing it.


I hope these manicures gave you some inspiration, and help your New Year get off to the right start.  Be safe whatever it is you do, have fun, and HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Polish Report! : )



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