Revamping the French

Growing up I was obsessed with a French manicure.  It made me feel grown up and sophisticated.  My mom always put a sheer opal essence nail polish over the French tip to give my manicure some extra sass.  However, the older I got I realized the French tip was not for me.  There’s definitely a mass majority out there that love a French manicure, and I get it.  It’s a classic style.  However, for those that like to get a little edgy, there’s so many ways to revamp a French tip.  My new way of making a French tip work for me is by replacing the plain white tips with glitter.  I got the idea from Essie a few years ago.  I like to use their ‘Borrowed and Blue’ as my main color, or newly added ‘Blue-la-la’ from their Summer 2017 collection, and then add ‘On a Silver Platter’ as my glitter French tip.  The thinner the line the better.  


It’s fun to use a glitter nail polish that compliments the main color you’re using, and if the glitter has different size specs in it that’s even better!

Using glitter isn’t the only way to get creative with a French tip.  I’m sure you all know you can replace the traditional white with any color of your choice, or doing a color combo of colors that compliment each other. Still want something different?

Go chic and dramatic by grabbing your matte top coat to create a contrast in textures.

Black Matte French Tip

Make a nude manicure stand out on the weekend by adding neon french tips of various colors.

Neon French Tip

Get romantic with the french tip by having a soft, subtle shimmer.

Powder Blue French Tip

And course there’s always just more types of shimmer.  You can never have enough sparkly things on your fingers.

Glitter French Tip

Whatever you decide to do with your French tip just think outside the box and get creative, because breaking away from the traditional is always nice.



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