Finding Your Color Palette

I felt the importance of writing this post because there’s nothing that irks me more than buying a bottle of nail polish and when you go to use it the color does not look good on you.  Perfect example: 

I bought Essie’s ‘The More the Merrier’ and it was hideous on me.  Immediately gave it to my mom.  Such a pretty color in the bottle, but looked horrible against my skin tone.  I also get slightly irked when I see people wearing nude polishes that match their skin exactly.  Skin tones are so beautiful.  I find it best to seek a nude polish that compliments you, not blends in with you.

Knowing what colors look good on you is so important to your overall appearance.  It helps bring out your natural features really well.  For instance, I know for a fact I have to stay away from red lipsticks with orange undertones and stick with a red that has more blue/violet undertones as those undertones compliment me better.

Anyway, the topic at hand: finding your color palette.  To find the shades that look best on you, you have to figure out what your undertone is.  You’ll either be warm, cool, or neutral.  Warm undertones are yellows and olives.  Cool undertones are reds or pinks.  Neutral undertones are just neutral – if that makes sense.

If you can’t figure out if you’re warm, cool, or neutral look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.  Warm undertones make your veins look greenish.  Cool undertones make your veins seem purple.  If your veins aren’t either of the oppositions then consider yourself neutral.

Warm skin tones should stick with rich, nature like colors and warmer versions of cooler colors.  If you’re a warm skin tone definitely stay away from icy blues or jewel tones. 

For those with a cool skin tone stick with bright blues/emeralds, deep purples, and anything with winter vibes.  Frosty shades will also do you justice.  However, make sure to avoid summer vibes in the sense of orange and aggressive yellows. 

For Neutral skin tones, they’re the lucky group as they can pretty much wear any color.  But if you’re neutral it is best to go for softened or muted versions of a color instead of bright ones.  Definitely stay away from oversaturated colors.

Once you’ve identified what your undertone is then you can start, or revamp, your nail polish collection to fit your color palette.  This can even assist in choices you make at the nail salon.   

Here are some good recommendations to start with:


Warm Tones

OPI – Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs., Got Myself into a Jam-balaya; Essie – Serial Shopper, The Perfect Cover Up


Cool Tones

OPI – Rich Girls and Po-Boys; Essie – Petal Pushers, Bahama Mama


Neutral Tones

OPI – Lucky Lucky Lavender; Essie – Lacquered Up, Master Plan, Blanc

Of course there are shades out there that look good on anyone.  Definitely add those to your collection too, because the goal at hand is to always make your features pop so you’re constantly turning heads!



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