Glow Sticks

Neon Manicures.  They’re too good.  A neon manicure is a favorite of mine just because the manicure speaks for itself.  You don’t have to do any crazy designs or add any extra textures to the manicure.  Its greatness stands alone.  So what do you do when you have a fun vacation just days away?

You go NEON!

Glowstick ORLY’s Glowstick

Now in about 48 hours I’ll be heading to Miami for a small vacation.  I’ve been nonstop since I started my new job earlier this year, and before things start to really pick up again I need a small break!  With me going to Miami I wanted to have a manicure that would match the fun atmosphere of South Beach.  Therefore going neon was the obvious choice.  However, whenever I go neon I always run into a slight problem.  No matter how many coats I use I never get the level of opaque-ness that I’m looking to achieve.  Well apparently I’m one of the very few that was unaware of this common knowledge nail polish hack.  Your perfect neon mani is made possible through a coat of white nail polish, or a nude, but white is best.  Make sure the white is pure white.  No glitter, no iridescence, etc.

Glow and Blanc

There are some base coat nail polishes out there specifically for this neon purpose.  OPI and Essie each have one, but I find that using a regular white nail polish you already own does just fine.  When using white I would suggest only do one coat.  Make sure it’s applied pretty evenly and streak free.  I would recommend Essie’s ‘Blanc’ if you’re looking for the best white nail polish out there.  Blanc applies very creamy and streak free (See below of just one coat.  Don’t even need a second coat!).  Use your neon nail polish of choice for the second coat – make sure all white is covered!  If your white base is good enough you’ll only need one good coat of your neon color, or depending on the level of brightness your neon color has when being on top of the white you may need to do two coats of your neon color.  Definitely be mindful and limit the amount of coats you use between both colors just because the more coats you have the longer the drying time, and the more prone you are to chipped nails.

Blanc One coat of ‘Blanc’.

Glowstick 5 Two coats of ‘Glowstick’ for a brighter look.

Glowstick 7

Once you’ve achieved your desired look add your top coat, clean around your cuticles, and your fingers are ready to set the tone for your vacation. . .or any fun event for that matter.  These nails will definitely pop and capture everyone’s attention!

Glowstick 4



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