Unfinished Perfection

I’m always looking for new ways to create a manicure.  Something that’s fun, different, and unique to my style, but still appropriate for a professional setting during the week. I came across this manicure on Instagram that was created by @nailartbymami.  Her designs are extremely cute and fun.  The best part about the designs, they have this striking simplicity.  It’s amazing!

Nail Art by Mami

I recreated this look with just a few of the elements.  What stood out to me the most was the unfinished brush strokes to create a negative space look.  So genius and creative.  I love it.

To recreate this manicure you’ll need the colors of your choosing and the smallest size dotting tool you have.  Probably one of the fastest and easiest nail looks you can recreate at home.

The colors I used are OPI’s ‘Kyoto Pearl’, Essie’s ‘Blue-la-la’ and ‘Baguette Me Not’, and Marc Jacobs’ ‘Midnight in Paris’.

IMG_4029 2

Step 1: You know I strongly promote painting your base coat and then top coat to prevent chipping throughout the week.  Below is my favorite base and top coat combination.


Step 2: I went a different route than what was done by @nailartbymami, and only chose 3 nails to have a negative space.  I painted the other 7 nails completely solid.  Then use that same color to paint unfinished brush strokes on the nails you’ve chosen to have a negative space.  The best part about this is you can start anywhere on the nail with your brush strokes.


Step 3: Grab your other colors of choice and do the same thing, but varying your placement.


Step 4: Grab your darker color and your dotting tool.  Make dots, up to 6, on the part of the nail where your colors overlap each other.



Step 5: Finish with your top coat and you’re all set!  You have a negative space manicure that’s creative and artistic.  If you have more nail polish colors and gold foil to add, go for it!





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