Blue Steel

Summer is around the corner and we’re all in need of some fresh designs for our manicured hands.  I got the idea for this manicure from Paint Box Nails.  I just love the simplicity in their creative ways.  You can read about my love for them again here.  This manicure is simple and quick as well as fun and really cute!

All you’ll need is a really bold color – I’m using OPI’s Rich Girls and Po-Boys, v-shaped nail stencils or nail tape, and a dotting tool on the smaller size.



Step 1: Base Coat then top coat.  ALWAYS!

Step 2: Place your v-shaped nail stencils about half-way up from the base of your nail.  If using nail tape you’ll need to cut 20 strips – 10 per hand.  Use two strips of your nail tape to make an “X” on each nail.  The center of the “X” should be placed in the middle of your nail.  I actually prefer the nail tape over the stencil; it leaves no sticky residue.  It’s also easier to do this when you paint one hand at a time.


Step 3: Paint the bold color of your choice within the nail stencil or tape. Let dry for about 2-3 minutes.


Step 4: Remove the nail stencil or tape carefully.  It’s always best to pull upward and away.


Step 5: Take your dotting tool and dot each nail slightly below the tip of the “V” shape created.


Step 6: Paint your top coat and always use your nail polish remover and eyeliner brush to clean around your cuticles.


Just like that you’re all ready for some summer fun.


FYI this manicure pairs very well holding a margarita of your flavor! : )




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