Audrey Elegance

When wearing a color from OPI’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection, and the color that is named just that, I figured the manicure had to be just as elegant and sophisticated.  I got the idea for this manicure from the manicure displayed in my review of OPI’s Rich Girls and PoBoys (tutorial for that manicure will be posted soon), but wanted to simplify it more and keep it clean.  All you need  is nail tape to achieve this manicure.  It’s pretty quick and really easy.

Step 1: Base coat then top coat like always.

Step 2: Cut your nail tape into 20 strips – 10 for each hand.  Not too long, not too short.

Nail Tape

Step 3: You’ll need two strips of nail tape per finger.  Make Xs with the nail tape with the center of the X being as close to your cuticle as possible, but not exactly on your cuticle.


Step 4: Paint your nail within the nail tape.  The point can be a little tricky so make sure you’re getting nail polish in that narrow space without it spilling over the nail tape in order to achieve that perfect point.


Step 5: After letting your nails dry for 2-3 minutes, carefully remove the nail tape, and paint your top coat.  Then use your nail polish remover and eye liner brush to clean around your cuticles.


Once you’re all done you’ll have a sophisticated manicure ready to be dripped in Tiffany diamonds.




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