Jackson Pollock Anyone?

I’m a huge fan of art.  Growing up in a creative, artistic household my mother exposed my brothers and I to art in all forms.  I’ve definitely taken my fair share of art classes growing up as well.  So when I came across this nail design created for Essie by Julie Kandalec, the Creative Director of Paintbox Nails, it reminded me of a Jackson Pollock painting and I just had to try it!

Now Julie had specific colors that she used for this manicure, but I chose my own and obviously you can too.  Of course choose colors that are going to compliment each other.  So gather your base and top coats, two or three colors of your liking, a booby bin, wax paper or tin foil, and I needed to add in a straw.  You’ll see why as you read (lol).

Step 1: Paint your base coat and then your top coat.  I just started using Butter London’s Horse Power Base Coat, and it’s amazing!  Totally worth the $18, but more on that later.


Step 2: Choose your color(s).  I’m only using OPI’s ‘Towel Me About It’ since I’m adding a negative space element.  If you’re using two colors, or three, just make sure they compliment each other.


Step 3: Paint the nails of your choice solid leaving the other ones you want clear, clear.  If using more than one color paint all fingers the primary color.



Step 4: Grab the bobby pin, and a straw – if needed.  If using additional colors grab those as well.


Step 5: Place a large drop of your nail polish, or contrasting nail polish, onto the tin foil or wax paper.  Place the curved crook of the bobby pin into the nail polish.  Then as hard as you can, blow the nail polish through the bobby pin onto your nail.  This was a struggle for me so I grabbed a damn straw and it worked.  Guess my lungs aren’t that great lol.  Julie also suggests using some acetone to thin out your nail polish if it’s too thick to blow through the bobby pin.  This helped me a lot too!  This process can get a little messy so make sure you’re doing this manicure on top of a surface that’s easy to clean or can be thrown away.




Step 6: Paint your top coat and clean your cuticles with your nail polish remover and eye liner brush.  Viola, you’re done!  You have a dope manicure to set you off for the week.  It also looks cool when using more than one color.  This is a manicure you can totally have fun with.


It did take me a while to get the hang of finding a technique to get the nail polish to blow through the bobby pin.  I found a method that worked for me, and if you find one that works easier for you definitely use it!  Painting your nails doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful if the directions you’re following aren’t really giving you the results you’re looking for.  This is completely ok.  It allows you to get creative and think outside the box.  It might even lead you to discover something different and new.



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