Valentine’s Day 2018

So Valentine’s Day. . .a holiday I feel we can do without.  Now before you start jumping to conclusions about if I am a scorned, bitter woman I must say that I am not (lol).  I used to really enjoy Valentine’s Day as a kid.  I looked forward to picking out what type of Valentine cards I wanted to pass out to everyone in my class, and what type of candy I wanted to tape to it.  I also enjoyed knowing that that school day was pretty much going to be a wash because everyone was so focused on when we were going to pass out our valentines, so the teacher just had a full lesson plan dedicated to the holiday.  But then I got to high school and I was like what the fuck is this holiday and why are people falling for consumerism?  The innocence of Valentine’s Day just disappeared, and to me the fun went with it. Consumerism put so much pressure on the day that single women had to result to creating “Galentine’s Day”. So for me this holiday I can do without. I’m not paying for overpriced flowers and candy for one day. However, for those that wish to be slightly festive I did create a subtle nod to the day and found some other nail designs that weren’t obnoxiously throwing Valentine’s Day in your face.

For me I went with one of my favorite soft pinks, Essie’s ‘Minimalistic’ and created small red hearts on three nails each using Essie’s ‘Lacquered Up’. Creating the heart is simple. Take your dotting tool and make two dots slightly next to each other. Then take a very small, thin brush and use some of the nail polish from the dots to create a V. Fill in with more polish as needed.

So as you can see it was very simple, no fuss. Placing the hearts in different places on each nail mixed things up a bit and made for an unexpected surprise for anyone who caught my manicure.

Here are a few other manicures I found that kept with the subtle V-Day theme I went for.

Super cute, right?!

However, if you’re a total romantic and feel completely opposite from the way I do about Valentine’s Day, then this manicure is all you! 😉

I hope your V-Day this year was as cute as these manicures.



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