Halloween 2017

Halloween.  Not my most favorite holiday.  I’ve never really been a fan, and it’s stemmed from when I was a child.  I always felt that Halloween is the time of year to get really creative with your costume.  When I was a toddler getting dressed up for Halloween was easy.  From what I can remember my costumes consisted of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and various  other types of princesses.  When I started school and got to see other kids’ costumes I got a little jealous.  My classmates’ costumes were so creative and mine where just whatever.  I remember third grade I was like a geisha, fourth grade I was a hippie, fifth grade I was a cheerleader, and once I hit middle school it was all down hill from there.  I just couldn’t think of good costumes.  I never dressed up in high school or college.  Definitely got exposed to how girls think Halloween is an exceptional time of year to dress provocatively and “get away” with it.  Still don’t understand that, but I’m going to let people live.

I almost dressed up as Malibu Barbie once in college but my plans fell through and I definitely was not about to walk around Westchester (in Los Angeles) in October, in a bikini and sarong.  So yea, Halloween just hasn’t been a holiday I favor.  I do enjoy observing everyone else’s creativity though.

Back in 2015 I did do a great job at executing a character I wanted to be since I was 7.  My mom almost agreed to it because she had no idea what the costume would entail, but my brothers shut that shit down real quick because they didn’t want me wearing just a leotard.  To my defense I could’ve worn stockings or found an age appropriate version of the costume! Anyway, my brothers and I were huge fans of Mortal Kombat and Kitana was my absolute favorite character.  I loved her!  I picked her every time I played the video game.  So finally, at 26, I created Kitana.  It was a huge success!  Everything came together perfectly like it was meant to be.  Definitely don’t know how I’m going to top that costume whenever it is that I get an ounce of a Halloween spirit back.



(I went all out!)

But these days my Halloween spirit has just been represented through my nails.  I created the look below using OPI’s ‘Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around’ as the base and Essie’s ‘Bahama Mama’ as the splatter to simulate blood.  To get the splatter effect see the tutorial I did here.  Pretty cool, right?!  And on my thumbs I just used a thin brush to make the appearance of cuts in the flesh.



This manicure is so cute and really festive for Halloween, as well as a lot easier to do than expected when initially looking at it.  Hope you all had a fun yet safe Halloween!



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