Essie Winter 2017 Collection

Essie’s next seasonal collection is here for winter and it’s super cute.  Holiday seasons are always fun as it’s the perfect time to amp up the sparkle when the weather gets  a little drab.  With inspiration from the New York, New York New Year’s Eve scene, Essie curated the perfect six shades to end and start a new year on a shiny note!  Below are the six shades in detail.

Ring in the Bling – “a dazzling ruby red pearl tinged with light navy blue” to heat up those frosty nights.

Ring in the Bling

Be Cherry! – The crimson red you need for the season to compliment your Peppermint Moca.

Be Cherry!

Suit & Tied – A nude is needed for every season, and this sand beige is perfect for those rainy or snowy Sundays spent all day in bed.

Suit & Tied

Social-Lights – this sultry yet fun shimmer slate gray with warm hints of amber is the best shade for your New Year’s Eve countdown with your crush.


On Your Mistletoes – the Oxford blue that pairs well with the mistletoe you’ll be holding over your S.O. head.

On Your Mistletoes

New Year, New Hue – possibly your new power color for the season with this rich magenta purple.

New Year New Hue

These shades are sure to grab attention the entire winter season so run, don’t walk, to cop your favorite shade(s) from this collection at your local Essie retailer!





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