Festival Season 2017

It’s that time of year: festival season.  AKA where everyone does THE MOST for the gram.   I myself am not a festival season type of girl.  It’s not my thing and that’s completely ok.  However,

the fun thing about this time of year is seeing the way people get creative with their looks.  Everything is very bohemian with all the crochet, fringe, patterns and prints, flowy flirty hemlines, and an obnoxious amount of flower crowns.  It’s nice to see those that like to mix it up and stand out from all of that.

Of course with a head turning outfit you have to have a mani that matches the vibes.  With festival season being a small window where you step into a different world and let loose, I think your manicure should reflect that as well.  Keep your colors fun and inviting.  Shades of turquoise, desert sky lavenders and pinks, corals, and neons are your best bets.

So even though I may never make it to Coachella, it’s still fun to experiment and give others ideas.  This weeks manicure was inspired by festival season.  I kept it a little tame as I have a business meeting to fly out for later on in the week.

I went for desert sunset colors by choosing OPI’s ‘Lucky Lucky Lavender’ and from their Fiji Collection ‘Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon’.  From there I just picked which fingers I wanted to have which colors.



Then I wanted to add feathers to the mix.  I’m creative, but not that skilled with intricate nail designs.  A while back I purchased some feather nail accents on Amazon.  They’re sooooo cute, but can be a little difficult to put on. 


It’s like putting on a fake tattoo, but for your nail.  Essentially you submerge the selected feather in water for 10-20 seconds, wet the chosen nail (once the nail polish has dried of course), slap it on, and wipe away the excess water. 


The thing to note is the appliqué can be a little slippery so be careful and use an eyeliner brush to wipe away the excess water/smooth out any air bubbles.  The great thing about these appliqués is they’re so easy to come off.  Just use nail polish remover.


Once I applied my feathers I sealed everything with my top coat, cleaned my edges with nail polish remover, and I’m all set for No-chella.  But, if you are going to weekend 2 I hope you found some inspiration from this.

Peace and Love!




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