Nailed by Rodarte

So NYFW SS17.  The Rodarte fashion show.  Those “gilded cuticles” were perfection.  As I said in my Getting Nailed by NYFW post, the manicure was so simple yet it still grabs your attention.  Who would have thought

to put glitter nail polish around your cuticles?!  When I came across this manicure I knew I had to recreate it for myself, because lets be realistic, nail polish on your skin will flake off.  Très chic for the runway, but not practical in real life.  So I grabbed a nude and a glitter and created this manicure for the week.  The great thing about this manicure is you can recreate it with any colors or just keep it bare nail with whatever glitter nail polish you fancy.  Once you have your colors picked out make sure to grab a really thin nail brush, your nail polish remover, and a q-tip or eyeliner brush for clean up.


Step 1:

Paint your base coat and top coat.  Life changing like I said in my Facts. posts for longer wear with minimal chipping.


Step 2:

Paint your base color or leave your nail bare if you’re just going for the glitter.  I used OPI’s ‘Funny Bunny’ (Two weeks in a row, I know.  But it’s that great of a color!).


Step 3:

Take your thin nail brush to use your glitter nail polish.  I used OPI’s ‘The Glittering Night’ again because it just looks so damn pretty with ‘Funny Bunny’.  You may need a makeup wedge sponge to soak up any excessive nail polish in order to leave behind more of the glitter. Then apply that around the outside of your nail.  It still looks super cute but the glitter on your nail is more practical because nail polish on your cuticle will just flake off after a shower or washing of the hands.


Step 4:

Use your eyeliner brush and nail polish remover to clean up any excess nail polish around the nail.  Doing this will always keep your manicures CLEAN!


Now you’re ready to take on the week with style, and a little sparkle!



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