I remember when I was in high school and my mom and I decided to have a girls day so we headed down to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA.  We walked into Jimmy Choo and that was when I feel in love with designer shoes.  I was OBSESSED with these jeweled platform sandals.  Obviously I wasn’t old enough to own such an expensive pair of shoes as a teenager, but oh did I dream of the possibilities.  Then a few years later when I was in college I discovered Christian Louboutins and fell in love with the iconic brand.  To me no other designer shoe label could top how Christian Louboutin differentiated itself from everyone else with such originality.

So you could only imagine how excited I was when they released a line of nail polish.  Unfortunately I don’t own a bottle because I don’t know when I’ll be able to commit myself to splurging $50.00 on nail polish.  I have a hard enough time when I spend $15.00 on Butter London.  I’ll get there one day though.

Anyway, Christian Louboutin has released a limited edition collection of mini nail polish colors, price marked at $30.00, called ‘Loubichrome’ and OMG. It. Is. FIERCE!  The way Loubichrome is bottled almost makes you want to not even touch it and keep it on display.  The colors themselves are just as good.  The inspiration behind these colors is from Christian Louboutin himself loving the “ultra-luxurious qualities of speechio”, a laminated mirrored leather.

There’s only three colors: Loubichrome I, Loubichrome II, and Loubichrome III.


Loubichrome I is described as an energetic yellow infused with lime green.  Loubichrome II is called a fiery rose red.  And Loubichrome III is perfectly detailed as a glistening violet shade.

These colors were created to give off a chrome finish with playful vibes.  Just imagine an all black outfit, or even white, and your nails become your best accessory popping with playful seduction.


Of course these shades are all sold out online if ordering from Christian Louboutin directly, but you can still head over there if you want to be notified of when the colors are back in stock.



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