Chanel: Le Top Coat Tinted Top Coat

So I’m a little late to the game when it comes to this product but I’m going to talk about it anyway because this is my blog and it’s only right I write about what I wish.  There’s also a slight chance that you reading this never heard of this product, which is great for me. : )

Anyway, there’s a few top coat options out there: matte, high shine, quick dry, no chip – you get the idea.  But thanks to Chanel (YES to everything Chanel) we now have a black-tint top coat.  What?! YES.  You read that right.

Chanel has created a black-tint top coat that transforms your nail color into what they call a “deeper sophistication”.  All I can is GENIUS!

All the buzz around this top coat is not only because, for obvious reasons, it’s a black-tinted top coat, but because it basically doubles your nail polish collection.  Good money saver, right?  Way to change the game Chanel!

However, there are a few things to note.  Like all of Chanel’s nail polishes it’s $28 a bottle.  Yes you’d be spending $28, but if you’re not interested in continuing to buy more nail polish you can look at it as a good investment.  Also, from some of the images I’ve seen of the top coat, it looks like it can be a little streaky depending on the lightness of the color you use (i.e. a pastel yellow compared to a hot pink).  To me all that means is, if used, just be mindful of your brush strokes.  Keep them clean and even.

Therefore, if you’re interested in turning your brightest of hues into deeper, moodier, sophisticated colors, head over to Chanel and add ‘Black Metamorphosis’ to your nail polish collection before it’s gone.



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