Essie Desert Mirage Collection

Festival season is around the corner, and while I’m not the festival season type I still like to offer some inspiration to those around me that may need ideas on how to lacquer their hands.  I’m completely a fan of going against the norm.  So while everyone else has feathers, flowers, ombre sunsets, dream catchers, and tribal patterns on their finger tips, YOU should be that girl everyone will try to emulate next festival season.  Set the trend, don’t follow them!

To help get the ideas flowing, I thought Essie’s Desert Mirage Collection will be the perfect place to start.  This collection obtains six new shades that have captured the “desert’s optical illusions with natural, earth tone hues”.


Less is Aura

“A warm terra cotta beige” gives you a wide range of options, but to get this to festival level chic matte it out!  Then add some gold glitter to give off the feel of a sexy/smoldering desert sunrise.  Take it up another notch by having negative space chevron strips with gold specs of glitter lightly filling the negative spaces.  Don’t forget the matte top coat!  Not into matte? Add gold foil instead of glitter to still be just as chic.

Less is Aura

Let It Glow

“A fiery coral glistening with copper shimmer”.  Fiery and sultry.  Recreate this Paintbox mani look from their current collection with a soft pink or coral of your choice and ‘Let it Glow’ on top.

Let it Glow Secret Beach - Paintbox

Lighten the Mood

“A relaxing ivory white dusted with sienna undertones”.  Anytime you wear a white mani in the desert you’re already winning.  Add some extra flare with with large specs of blue or orange glitter.

Lighten the Mood

Seeing Stars

“A mahogany brown sparkling with golden shimmer”.  Honestly this shade is fine all on its own.  Sometimes simple and striking is all you need.

Seeing Stars

Hazy Daze

“A rich byzantine purple glazed with warming clay tones”.  Grab a star stencil, some glitter nail polish, and get to work.  A purple this pretty only needs a simple touch to compliment the desert night sky.

Hazy Daze

Blue-tiful Horizon

“A cerulean blue glowing with amber shimmer”.  This color will alter depending on the angle the light hits it.  I think it would be really cute to add some contrast by doing a negative space mani using geometric shapes.  Cute, right?!

Blue-tiful Horizon

I hope these shades and my ideas give you some manicure inspiration for festival season.  Enjoy!




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