Ciate London Chrome Nail Polish

So this isn’t a beauty myth and no you’re not dreaming.  Ciate London has made so many dreams come true with this wonderful creation.  It’s the beauty world’s FIRST evertrue CHROME nail polish!  There’s no gel, no powder, just all liquid nail polish.  My kind of polish!  Ciate London has spent the last 3 years in the labs creating this masterpiece.  They’re literally making everyone’s lives easier with this formula.  I’ve been longing for someone to create this type of nail polish for years, and it’s finally here.  I by no means was going to purchase the powder, and super shiny/glittery nail polishes were only going to hold up the type of satisfaction being sought for so long.  Ciate is slated to have a summer release sometime in June, so let the countdown begin as June is literally right around the corner.

Ciate Chrome

No price point on this beautiful creation just yet.  It’ll probably be going for the regular price of $17.00 per bottle, which is worth it because after just 2 coats your hands will be trending all summer.  I’ll be on the lookout for the release date as I’m sure this bottle of chrome will sell out fast.



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